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Social Inclusion of Disadvantaged Youth through the Means of Music

Social Inclusion of Disadvantaged Youth through the Means of Music


Budapest, Hungary

In the framework of the STAMP activities, on 27 November in the afternoon, Jeunesses Musicales Hungary would like to share with you a range of presentations of different methods and practical cases of using music as a tool for social inclusion of disadvantaged youth.

Among the invited speakers are Eleonóra Papp, development tutor at the Pető Institute, Budapest, who will talk about the Possible Music Pedagogical Methods for Young People with Cerebral Palsy;

Ildikó Morvay from Vienna will introduce us the Superar Program;

Márta Flamich (herself disabled in her vision) and Rita Hoffmann;

Anna Vetö from the "I don't give up!" Foundation will present the "Soul Filler Program";

the acclaimed Snétberger Foundation will introduce itself and their method and a few other guest speakers will make sure you broaden your knowledge in this field.

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