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A laptop - and the stage obeys! Games, programming and electronics for theater and cultural work. Gameplay @ stage IV

A laptop - and the stage obeys! Games, programming and electronics for theater and cultural work. Gameplay @ stage IV

Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel

Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Without a light console, without a sound panel, full control: control the light moods in the room via the leaves of a rubber tree. Start a sound when someone pedales fast enough. machina eX and other artists started to build electronic inter-active props a few years ago. They put the computer as an interface in the center of their staging work. Since then they have been programming, soldering and generating their own special tools for interactive theater work.

machina eX did not know what they were doing, but learned it anyway! We would like to take up and pass on this cheerful dilettantism in the workshop.

Whether technically fearful or technophile: A simple introduction will enable interested people of all levels of experience to work out their own ideas and put them into action. Together we explore how everyday things hack and turn into interfaces for our work. We get to know soldering as a basis and enter the design of digital-analogue interfaces. Headlamps are controlled by microphones, crazy equipment built. By controlling light, video and sound with the computer, we create interactive sound and image worlds with the full power of the theater machine. And incidentally, we prove that technology is not just there for experts, but for all of us. Let's regain control!

The workshop is addressed to colleagues who are artistically, pedagogically, (event) technically or scientifically active:

→ Performing and related arts,

→ Game development and game design,

→ cultural and political education,

→ adjacent occupational fields.

You can book this course as a single event.

He is also the fourth installment in the five-part Gameplay @ stage qualification series.

If you would like to book the entire qualification series, please follow this link.

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