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Basic Course MiMe/GIM (1st part)

Basic Course MiMe/GIM (1st part)

Institut für Musik, Imagination und Therapie (IMIT)

Berlin, Germany

This course is only available to German speakers.

MiMe and GIM Basic Course

The MiMe certificate course consists of a basic course of 4.5 days (36 hours) and a supplementary course in MiMe with 3 further modules a 3 days (or 2 longer modules a 4.5 days).

the basic course at the same time the basic course (phase / level I) of the large further education in Guided Imagery and Music

Training requirements:

Admitted to further training, practicing therapists of artistic forms of therapy, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, doctors can become psychotherapeutic or psychosomatic medicine, as long as your psychotherapeutic preparatory study corresponds to the equivalent of 60 credit points, and the permission to practice medicine (Psychotherapy) and they have worked at least 2 years in their profession after graduation. Admission is dependent on an interview and a trial session in GIM / MiMe.

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements can take part in an introductory course.

The focus of the course is on the distinction between working with music-imaginative methods and the method Guided Imagery and Music after Helen Bonny. The theoretical basics of musicimaginative methods and GIM are given an overview. This includes own and self-experience in and with the two methods.

This module is certified by the DMtG with 36 points

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