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Communication on the presentation plate | Acting in public

Communication on the presentation plate | Acting in public

Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel

Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Selling yourself well is suspicious to you? That's a pity, because who wants to be heard and recognized, should take a relaxed attitude. This seminar will show you how to get better at the other party - with a win for both sides.

In order to become more aware of your impact as well as to improve your appearance and your assertiveness, the following focal points are at the center of the seminar:

-> Define your own goals

-> Find the right words and suitable communication strategies

-> Tips against nervousness and uncertainty

-> Feedback on your impact

-> optimize presentations

-> Media Training (Interview, Portrait)

-> Handling photos and photographers

-> Preparing for the next concrete challenges


-> Theoretical input, based on practical examples

-> case studies, impact analyzes and solution concepts

-> Practical exercises with coaching shares

-> emergency checklist for your appearance in public

-> prepare your next specific task

Target group: Colleagues from all branches of art / culture and art / cultural mediation.

Small seminar group, limited number of participants.

In cooperation with the state working group socio-culture Lower Saxony.

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