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Competences in Music Education

Competences in Music Education

EAS - European Association for Music in Schools

Jelgava, Latvia
  • English
  • not accredited
  • 14th March, 2018 - 17th March, 2018

Every day, in their classrooms, music teachers are responsible for students who come from differing backgrounds and cultures, and who have varying personalities, interests and musical experiences, and sometimes also individual educational needs.

In school music, how can we develop our understanding of pedagogical practice and curriculum design to best support our students in developing music competences?

What is the nature of competences in music?

What can we understand about developing these competences from studying learning outcomes throughout Europe in the light of local history and traditions? What are the various theoretical approaches to developing music competences within school classroom settings?

The four-day EAS conference ‘Competences in Music Education’ in Jelgava/Riga (Latvia) will provide a great opportunity for students, music teachers, music educators, practitioners, stakeholders and researchers in the field of music education to exchange, present, discuss and share ideas, and to connect to discover new perspectives in relation to various aspects of this conference topic:

Competence based teaching and learning

Learning outcomes

Curriculum development


Diversity and inclusion

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