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Contract and liability at cultural events

Contract and liability at cultural events

Kulturb├╝ro Rheinland-Pfalz

Koblenz, Germany

A cultural organizer enters into numerous business relationships and assumes liability risks:

towards lenders, suppliers and lessors of event rooms. What is with unreliability of the supplier or a service provider to do? What happens during program changes?

Shifts, rearrangements, failures? What about reclaims of entrance fees?

Finally, the organizer threatens the responsibility for property damage or personal injury,

when a musical instrument "disappears" or someone stumbles over a cable and his arm



»Contractual and non-contractual responsibility of the organizer

"The unreliable supplier

»The disturbed commitment of the contributor (loss, delay or reduced

Performance of the contributor, organizational error of the organizer)

»Helpers (eg poor quality of sound or lighting technology,

subsequent reduction of the ordered scope of service ...)

»The relationship with the lessor of the event rooms

»The dissatisfied audience (reimbursement of entrance fees, replacement of others

Expenses, liability for accidents)

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