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Kodály Summer School 2018 / MUSIC PEDAGOGY COURSE

Kodály Summer School 2018 / MUSIC PEDAGOGY COURSE

Kodály Institute

Kecskemét, Hungary
  • English
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  • 15th July, 2018 - 28th July, 2018

Kodály Summer School 2018 July 15 – 28, 2018

The Kodály Summer School brings world-renowned master teachers and performing artists to the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music, Kecskemét, Hungary for an unparalleled combination of summer music education and musical performances.

COURSES: 1. MUSIC PEDAGOGY COURSE Description of the course: The aim of this course is to offer a model of musicianship training that employs all musical skills, including sight-reading, harmonic skills and musical memory. This course also provides models for the practical use of the Kodály music educational concept and deals with questions of the adaptation of the Hungarian music education practice into different musical environment.

Daily schedule of the course:

9 – 10 am: choir rehearsal

10:15 – 11 am: musicianship according to the Kodály concept (introductory, basic, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced groups)

11:15 - 12 am: musicianship according to the Kodály concept (introductory, basic, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced groups)


1 - 4 pm: optional classes: because of the schedule we suggest to choose one optional class from the following a)-b): a) Singing games (ages 5-18) b) Individual voice training (4 times x 30 minutes) c) Individual piano lessons (4 times x 30 minutes) d) Vocal ensemble (4 times x 30 minutes)

4 – 6:00 pm: Workshops - each participant can choose one workshop from the following 1-5

1. Early childhood music education (Lucinda Geoghegan) Focus on the musical development of the young child from birth till age 6: development of singing abilities, rhythmic skills, listening skills and lesson planning.

2. Primary school music education (Edina Barabás) Focus on development of musical abilities in the primary school: singing, development of musical and generative skills, teaching of musical reading and writing based on the use of relative solmisation, development of listening skills, pedagogical materials

3. Secondary school music education (James Cuskelly, DLA) The workshops in this course will deal with issues such as: selecting age-appropriate musical repertoire for teaching older student, effective and creative teaching methods, diverse learning skills, competence based music education, folk music and world music repertoire and teaching of contemporary music.

4. Kokas pedagogy (Katalin Körtvési) Introduction to the Kokas pedagogy developed by one of Hungary's most inspiring music pedagogues, the late Klára Kokas, who proved that the Kodály concept of music education is not a closed educational system but it can be complemented by various creative pedagogical approaches. The most distinct feature of the Kokas pedagogy is the free movement improvisation to classical master works or folk music all of which creates a unique opportunity for the development of listening competencies and self-expression.

5. Improvisation workshop (Mónika Benedek, DLA) The aim of this workshop is to integrate improvisation into the Kodály Concept with especial emphasis on singing and using relative solmisation. Participants will experience various aspects of improvisation can be used in the classroom teaching in particular the aural skills /solfege/musicianship/ear-training and music theory lessons, and also in the choir rehearsals. However, classical music will be in focus in the workshop, participants will explore improvisation across the musical genres. (They are also encouraged to bring their own instrument to the second week of workshop).

8 – 9 pm: Concerts of the Kodály Art Festival


Date of arrival: Sunday, July 15, 2018

Date of departure: Saturday, July 28, 2018

Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, July 16, 2018

This is to remind you that on the first day of the Seminar there will be a written placement test in order to organize the musicianship groups at different levels. The detailed program of the course, based on the program available at the homepage of the Institute, will be given to the participants upon arrival. This is to inform you that there is no teaching on July 21 and 22 (Sunday and Saturday), 2018. All participants of the Summer School will sing in a Choir and will perform at the closing concert of the Course Therefore you are advised to bring appropriate clothing (black shoes, black trousers/skirts, blouse or T-shirt) to fit the final concert.


Please download the APPLICATION FORM from HERE. NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE WILL BE SENT TO ALL APPLICANTS BEFORE MAY 1, 2018 EXPENSES: Registration fee: 20.000 HUF (non-refundable) Course fee: 170.000 HUF Cost of optional classes: vocal ensemble, singing games: 5.000 HUF individual lessons: 10.000 HUF Information about payment possibilities and deadline will be sent in the letter of acceptance.

ACCOMMODATION: for the types of rooms available please see this PDF document

For further information please contact: Dr. Laura Kéri e-mail:,

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