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Make calls safely and confidently

Make calls safely and confidently

Kulturb├╝ro Rheinland-Pfalz

Koblenz, Germany

So that the handle to the phone is not a mistake

Whether negotiations with artists or organizers, talks with financiers, customers

or service providers, usually the first - and thus most important - contact via the telephone is made.

The telephone conversation knows different rules of the game than the face-to-face communication. And only those who control them can make successful and targeted calls. Control conversations through targeted questioning techniques and influence them through active listening techniques. avoid psychologically unwise formulations, learn how to deal with difficult conversation partners.

The precise presentation of the matter and the involvement of the telephone partner in conversation are the same decisive as the own telephone voice and the personal charisma, the arrives at the end of the line.


»Communication on the phone: Analyze your own phone behavior

»Your choice of words: Express yourself positively

»The sound makes the music: The voice is the basis for the contact

»Optimal conversation preparation

»Help with difficult conversation partners

»Which communication methods are suitable on the telephone?

»What to do in case of stress?

»The customer discussion and complaints

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