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MECHANICS OF MUSIC MANAGEMENT course: RECORDINGS & LABELS (4th out of 5 evening seminars)

MECHANICS OF MUSIC MANAGEMENT course: RECORDINGS & LABELS (4th out of 5 evening seminars)

Music Managers Forum

London, United Kingdom

02 OCT 2018 , AND THEN EVERY OTHER TUESDAY UNTIL 27 NOV 2018, 18:00 - 20:30 (DOORS OPEN 17:30)


Five evening seminars – every other Tuesday from 02 Oct to 27 Nov at PPL (Top Floor), 1 Upper James Street, London

‘The Mechanics Of Music Management’ is a brand new training programme from MMF delivered by CMU Insights and led by Chris Cooke & Marcus O’Dair.

A series of five seminars exploring best practice and current trends in artist management, these sessions provide a comprehensive guide to the modern artist management, artist revenue streams and business models, music rights and record deals, and strategies for building a fanbase and direct-to-fan relationships.

Each session is packed with bang-up-to-date information and practical advice and includes a combination of lecture, discussion, practical exercises and Q&A. You can book into individal seminars or for the whole course.

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2nd October 2018

17:30 (doors), 18:00 – 20:30 (seminar)

Seminar One provides an overview of the role of the manager and how the artist/manager relationship works. It will talk through the different ways your artists make money, how each artist’s business can be structured, your role in running that business, and the business partners you will work with along the way. It will also look at how the role of the artist manager has changed over the years, and how your role will evolve as an artist’s career progresses. It will also introduce the MMF sample management agreement and code of practice.

Topics include:

  • Artist Revenue Streams & Business Partners

  • Management Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Management Deals and Agreements

  • Artist/Manager Relationship

  • Changing Role of Management

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16th October 2018

17:30 (doors), 18:00 – 20:30 (seminar)

This seminar will look at the role managers play in developing each artist’s individual business and career, and at how managers can evolve their own businesses and careers. It includes lots of practical advice to help you grow your artists’ businesses, while also ensuring that your own management career and company progress.

• Running a company.

• Managing money.

• Raising finance.

• Portfolio careers.

• Ensuring a healthy work/life balance.

• Networking.

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30th October 2018

17:30 (doors), 18:00 – 20:30 (seminar)

This seminar will provide a concise guide to music copyright, introducing the different music rights, the key copyright controls, moral and performing rights, and the differences between direct and collective licensing. It will present the complexities of music rights in a very easy-to-understand way, ensuring you can better protect and monetise your artists’ intellectual property.

Topics include:

• Music rights and copyright controls.

• Performer ER.

• Collective Licensing.

• PRS, MCPS and PPL.

• Key music right revenue streams: streaming, downloads, physical, sync, broadcast, live and public performance.

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13th November 2018

17:30 (doors), 18:00 – 20:30 (seminar)

This seminar will look at the role of the record company, the different kinds of label and distribution deals now available, and key trends in the streaming music market. There is more choice than ever when picking label and distribution partners, though that makes the decision making process harder. This seminar will ensure you understand the pros and cons of each approach, allowing you to make a fully informed decision.

Topics include:

• Record label services.

• Label and distribution deals.

• Artist royalties and reporting.

• Producer deals and royalties.

• The streaming market – key trends.

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27th November 2018

17:30 (doors), 18:00 – 20:30 (seminar)

This seminar will provide an overview of music marketing and PR, and offer advice on building direct-to-fan businesses for your artists. It will consider the role of artist and manager in building a fanbase, as well as looking at how other partners, and especially the label, play a key role in marketing campaigns.

Topics include:

• Developing an artist brand.

• Building a fanbase.

• Album/EP marketing campaigns.

• Key channels and media.

• The role of business partners.

• Mailing lists.

• Artist stores and merchandise.

• Fan-funding and pre-order campaigns.

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MMF members: £37.50 plus £7.50 VAT = £45.00 per seminar

MPA, AIM, APRS, BASCA, BPI, FAC, IAMA, ICAEW, ISM, MPG & MU members; PRS for Music staff: £58.33 plus £11.67 VAT = £70.00 per seminar

Non-members: £83.33 plus £16.67 VAT = £100.00 per seminar

MMF Members can book all five seminars for a discounted rate of £200.

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