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Music therapy in a palliative context

Music therapy in a palliative context

Berlin Career College - Universität der Künste Berlin, Zentralinstitut für Weiterbildung

Berlin, Germany
  • German
  • accredited
  • 22nd November, 2018 - 27th April, 2019

The fields of work for music therapists in palliative contexts are becoming ever larger and more diverse in Germany. The development in palliative medicine and the growing recognition of complementary medical procedures in the palliative area are also contributing to the increasing integration of music therapy in the practice of palliative care and inpatient hospices. The certificate course "Music Therapy in a Palliative Context" teaches in close theory and practice the necessary qualifications that enable a sensitive and protective individual music therapy work in this field.


Norbert Hermanns, Christa Metzdorf, Prof. Dr. Dorothea Muthesius, Sabine Rachl

Attendance fee:

1.698 Euro


5 regelmäßige Raten à 350 Euro

Number of hours:


Min. number of participants:


Max. number of participants:



Run period:

22.11.2018 – 27.04.2019


5 Module

je do 17-21 Uhr

fr 10-19 Uhr

sa 10-14.30 Uhr

Application Deadline:



Application deadline exceeded. Limited vacancies are still available.

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