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tAPP - Music with apps in educational contexts

tAPP - Music with apps in educational contexts

Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel

Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Two-phase basic course for making music with smartphones and tablets in the artistic work with children and adolescents

For attending the basic further education, the participants receive a qualified participation certificate. This is a prerequisite for attending the advanced course.

tAPP is aimed at professional musicians of all genres and fields of activity: from classical violinists and jazz guitarists to music educators and composers to music teachers who want to qualify for the field of an innovative professional field of musically-creative music offerings.

In addition to games and social networks, smartphones and tablets also offer music making apps that turn them into instruments, mobile studios and DJ desks. The intuitive operation and design of many music apps lead to new and playful ways of dealing with music. This is no longer hype, but established musical practice. In addition, the use of apps also opens up possibilities for creative-artistic projects within and above all outside formal educational contexts and thus perspectives of a completely new field of activity for professional music education in cultural education.

Within the basic further education, the participants acquire basic skills for the artistic work and the initiation of design processes with different target groups such as children and adolescents, people with disabilities and senior citizens. Whether music education formats and art projects of cultural education, in weekly AGs or individual workshop appointments, in school all-day and free afternoon, in individual instrumental lessons or in the context of music lessons - Musikapps offer numerous opportunities for their own artistic, music-educational and music-conveying work.


The course focuses on specific concepts and methodical-didactic approaches of a music and culture education oriented towards digital technologies.

In doing so, it is important to combine the pedagogical course content with the participants' own artistic and pedagogical practice.

HandsOn uses tried and tested projects to provide orientation in the variety of music apps.

A central element of the course is the testing of an app-educational offer with pupils.

The contents are taught in a practical way by a team of experts. In addition, opportunities for networking with partners from music education and mediation, social work, cultural education and research are created.

In the certificate course, these topics are taken up again and deepened. Possibilities of artistic-practical handling of music apps on mobile devices are discussed and practically tested. In particular, work continues in the field of music education in the context of new learning cultures and cultural education as a professional pedagogical practice. In addition, the participants carry out their own practical project.

They are already working on a portfolio of their own app-artistic art and mediation practice during their further education.

The contents are taught in practice by a team of experts. In addition, opportunities for networking with partners from music education and teaching, research and cultural education are created.

Cost share: 390 € per phase (incl. Ü/VP)

Detailed information on the course, topics, lecturers and application can be found at

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