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Video production with photo cameras for YouTube & Co.

Video production with photo cameras for YouTube & Co.

Kulturb├╝ro Rheinland-Pfalz

Neuwied-Engers, Germany

YouTube's popularity and importance is growing and many have their own

Video channel. Here you can find various offers such as product presentations, user reports, instructions, so many amusing and much more present to a potential audience of millions. The ways to create high-quality videos are there because of the current digital SLR

System cameras almost all feature the property, videos in very high resolution and good

to record quality. With many practical exercises from the right camera settings, the

handling the tripod and microphone, recording to the simple cut, learn the individual

Know the components of a video production. The speaker will provide you with numerous accessories such as tripods, wired microphones, wireless microphones, video lights, brighteners and the like too, so that you can find out what your plans are before investing

makes sense.


»Camera types, camera technology, accessories

»Setting the cameras for production

»Exercises: interview, small reportage

»Workflow, material inspection and preparation for the cut

»Easy cutting exercise with MS Movie Maker

(Story Remix), iMovie or Premiere Elements

»Including photos, logos and subtitles

»Creation of start or finish pictures

»Integration of sound and music

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