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Voice and rhetoric | Use emotions and voice effectively

Voice and rhetoric | Use emotions and voice effectively

Kulturb├╝ro Rheinland-Pfalz

Koblenz, Germany

Surely some have experienced that sometimes in lectures, moderation or negotiation, the voice is omitted or not transported, which corresponds to the personal goals. Sounds too high, breaks away or loses power. This seminar is about strengthening and using voice and emotions in talks and presentations. In addition to classical voice and speech training, the focus is on the method of Prof. Dr. med. Yuri Vasilyev (State Acting Academy of St. Petersburg). In addition, the use of voice in simulated conversational situations is practiced. The focus is on the topic »Increasing Personal Effectiveness through Effective Vocal Engagement«.


Expansion and strengthening of the vocal apparatus

Using voice and language effectively in work and everyday life

Convey emotions through voice

Lead by voice

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