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Workshop audience and staging talks

Workshop audience and staging talks

Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel

Wolfenbüttel, Germany

New formats for the art of shared exchange

The classic audience discussion takes place after the performance and is not a conversation, but a lecture with a question and answer session. It can be reduced to a simple formula: A talks about A. The theater-makers (actors, regis- ters, dramaturges,

Theater teachers) talk to the audience about themselves and their work - sometimes individual viewers ask questions that above all show that they have thoroughly prepared themselves at home.

How can staging discussions be arranged differently, so that they initiate a dialogue between all attendees instead of educational instruction? How can we, as viewers, as artists, as educators, as citizens, come together to think and talk about performing arts, their forms and contents? Or else about completely different topics? How do we enable our city and state theaters, our independent theaters, our socio-cultural centers to be places where strangers discuss public affairs? Which alternative discussion and exchange formats do we need for this?

In the workshop we develop formats for discussions between audience and stage artists. We are testing interaction tools that allow us to exchange and talk with each other as groups.

Invited are all those who talk with groups about artistic work or participate in such conversations.

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