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XIII International master classes of Latvian young musicians

XIII International master classes of Latvian young musicians

Baltais Fligelis

Sigulda, Latvia
  • Latvian
  • not defined by institute
  • 17th July, 2018 - 26th July, 2018

XIII International master classes of Latvian young musicians "The Baltic Music Way". The first three international Latvian young musicians' creative camps - workshops were held in Canada. Eleven such camps have been organized in Latvia.Such workshops bring together young musicians from several countries of the world, providing the opportunity to work together, to play music, to relax, to establish mutual contacts and to create opportunities for further cooperation in a pleasant, interesting, informal atmosphere. Also, in the year 2018, XIII International workshops for Latvian young musicians will bring together young Latvian musicians from European countries, the United States and other countries in the creative work and music of leading Latvian and foreign educators and outstanding artists. Music schools, music secondary school students and music school students, educators of music education institutions and other interested persons are invited to the XIII International workshops of Latvian young musicians.


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